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Since I adore decorating the house, my attention was drawn to a website Beddinginn.
This one is a completely different website, and there you can find things not available on other sites.They sell everything you may need for your household, so if you like such things, be sure to visit the site.

If you're a big fan of decorating, you can browse within many numerous sections, and find a lot of interesting things that can brighten up your living space.

Floor Stickers

They have a huge offer of floor stickers, which can complement the look of your bathroom or living room.
They are easy to set up, and I believe it's easy to maintain, too. 

Below you can see the ones I liked most:


Visit: Beddinginn

Another category that I would single out is Murali for the floor. A similar thing as the above-mentioned stickers, just more interesting. They have really beautiful designs, the ones with sea are my favourite, they can take you to a distant beach in a second, and you don't have to leave the comfort of your home.

Visit: Beddinginn


Which design did you like most? 
Do you like to brighten up your living space with such little things?
What do you like most on this website?

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  1. Mnogo mi se dopada tvoj izbor, takođe i cjelokupan izbor na ovome sajtu. Zaista je odličan i definitivno nudi mnogo stvari koje su potrebne ❤️❤️❤️

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